Episode 31


Hunger 1731
Audio Engineers Deleting Podcasts 1203
Gourmet Dog Food -117
See All the Problems...

We recorded two episodes this week, but only one will ever air. The reason? Tune in to find out. The thumbnail is a big hint.

This week Dick tries to argue that hunger is a bigger problem than gourmet dog food, and misses the irony of a society that places higher value on feeding their dogs gourmet food than feeding starving people. You can’t simultaneously argue that hunger is a problem and that spending $3.30 for “vitamin-infused mountain-spring water” for your dog isn’t.

Here are the sources mentioned in order:
Stop Hunger Now: Dick’s impartial source
NY Times: Boeuf Bourguignon Again? Pet Foods Go Gourmet
NY Times: For the Dogs’ Has a Whole New Meaning
Science Daily: Dog food goes gourmet: Nine emerging trends in pet food

And finally, on a serious note, here’s the website mentioned in the show for non-offending pedophiles: http://www.virped.org/

And for those who want to listen to the entire “This American Life” clip referenced in this show, you may do so here: Tarred and Feathered Act Two: Help Wanted

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