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Satellites 129
The Superhero Pose 103
Temperance 55
Ronald Reagan -22
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This month Dick credits Ronald Reagan with gay marriage, has a shit-fit because his solution is a subset of mine, changes his solution mid-stream and goes full Chris Farley by the end of the episode. Here are the comics I talked about this episode (in reference to Dick calling a box without a lid a “square tube” in Bonus Episode 8):

diab1 diab2

Also, we received an awesome gift from a long-time listener, @CallDaCopsIDGAF, which may be the most elaborate gift the show has received, a Biggest Problem in the Universe board game:



Thumbnail by: Clay Rodery, Illustrator,

Finally, here are some sources:

Science Direct – Study that finds intemperate people are more likely to be psychopaths
Wikipedia – Psychological perspectives on temperance
Berkley – Formal definition of forgiveness
Positive Psychology – Some hippy-sounding shit that makes a case for temperance.

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