Episode 37


No Fun League 508
The Travel Bug 495
Overpriced Vintage Clothing -221
See All the Problems...

We are joined by comedy writer Nathan Buckley this week. He’s written a bunch of stuff, but the pinnacle of his career may very well be writing for The Biggest Problem in the Universe: Live Show. Here’s his badass Twitter account: @duplicitron.

Also, another new “On This Day in Shitstory” by everyone’s most mysterious contributor, Boisterous Coconuts

I snuck the problem of moths into my “overpriced vintage clothing” problem. You’re welcome. Here’s the fan art by @danielwarren86 that we talked about on the show. Dick vs Dick. Who will win? My money’s on Dick:

@danielwarren86 B710-GJIAAAF_S4

Dailymail.co.uk – The threat of moths ruining your life is increased by up to 75% by vintage clothing
NCRP.org – CEO of Portland’s Goodwill takes pay cut.
Wikipedia – Goodwill’s orgy of executive compensation.


Listener @CallDaCopsIDGAF made this awesome Bingo-card for this week’s episode:


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