Episode 23


Ebola Alarmists 657
Meetings 480
Snapchats of Not Tits 336
Chatty Uber Drivers -109
See All the Problems...

Worried about Ebola? Don’t be. Worrying about getting Ebola makes you more susceptible to getting Ebola. Here’s Why Extreme Fear Of Ebola Is Bad For Your Health. And here are some facts about how overblown the Ebola threat is, when the flu will kill more people this year. And every year.

And here’s the link to research about just how much of a time-suck meetings are.

Here’s the kickass glow-in-the-dark shirt I mentioned. Everything should glow in the dark always. I don’t know why more shit doesn’t glow in the dark. If you don’t agree, prepare to be ostracized by all of your friends and family and more importantly, me.


And finally, here’s the link to Warby Parker to support our podcast, look super cool and get free 3-day shipping. Dick snapped this photo during this episode while I was yelling about something (spoiler: everything).


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