Episode 85

December 29, 2015, Dick

Episode 85 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Filter Bubbles 1826
Envy / Jealousy 1212
Concussions 1192
Spending Too Much On Christmas Gifts 917

Welcome to episode 85. The one where I hate Star Wars. Mickey Mouse owes me 50 bucks or a night with Goofy.

Did you spend too much on Christmas presents? I didn't, but boy did my life-coach, who schlonged himself for three grand when he planned to spend about a tenth of that. Learn your geography, kids. That's the lesson. It could save you a mortgage payment someday.

Maybe my life-coach went to homeschool?

Speaking of, Maddox doubles down on homeschool before we even get started this week, but at least he gets back to basics by bringing in videos that children made and then making fun of them. He doesn't bring in the symphonies of 8-year-old Mozart, however, a famous homeschool. Nor does he mention something called The Constitution, written by famous homeschool Thomas Jefferson.

The study I mentioned about the average homeschooler testing at a full grade-level above their public school peers is linked in the sources below. The study also finds that if you read it, you're a nerd.

Maddox brings in jealousy and I hate because I wish I'd thought of it.

I bring in a bigger threat to the NFL than cheating, drunk driving, violent assault, dog fighting, racist names, wife beating, shooting yourself in the leg, flashing of bad tits, rape, murder, dick pics, and lack of a kick-off: concussions. 270,000 teens every year suffer from concussions. I think we can all agree that the last thing teenagers need is being a more dumber.

Maddox also brings in Filter Bubbles, the process by which computer algorithms give you the news you want to hear and not the news that's out there. I don't know if that's true though. My news feed isn't entirely nip slips and Black Twitter and that's all I want to see. Is the gradual homogenization of human thought by computers a problem? Vote it up.

Finally, Chris Strand sends in a song. I read an obvious prank email from a listener named Mia. Great job Mia. You almost got us.

Here are Angry Youth Comix by Johnny Ryan referenced in the show. Maybe you're the third person in the world who thinks these comics are funny besides Maddox and myself. I doubt it though, you're probably not cool enough and too stuck up.

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