Episode 53

May 19, 2015, Maddox

Episode 53 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Bad Blowjobs 1846
Psychics 1751
Automatic Sensors 959

This week we're joined by the very funny and badass, Ron Babcock. His Instagram account, @heyron, has some of the best tour photos I've ever seen. Here's one of my favorite sketches Ron has done:

Last episode lured a lot of armchair economists out of the woodwork, and everyone except for me and a few critical thinkers in the comments section turned out to be idiots. Ironically, the care package we received last episode with the broken bottles turned out to be way more valuable than had those bottles shown up intact. Maddox: 1, Economists: 0 (forever).

Speaking of psychics, I didn't have time to mention it on the show, but in 2011 a psychic claimed to have a vision about a mass grave in Texas, which caused police to search an innocent couple's property while the FBI, police dogs and helicopters buzzed overhead, which caused their neighbors to think they might be murderers. The psychic turned out to be wrong (gasp).

This week's sponsor is our own bonus episode, thanks for supporting our show: Bonus Episode 7

In case you missed the announcement last episode, here's the big news: I'm writing a new book. Thumbnail credit: All me

And finally, the closing song, "Maddoxnomics", by Robert Araujo.

Sources: Discovery - Fake predictions by fake psychics cause real damage to real people Caltech - Tangshan Earthquake shits all over the broken window fallacy: p. 852, "A contract system in which the building funds came from future profits and tax relief."