Episode 32

December 23, 2014, Maddox

Episode 32 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Sony 1902
Buying Christmas Gifts 1661
The Whole Virgin-Birth Thing 791
Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties 435

This week, Dick doubles down on an urban legend about euthanized pets in dog food, to the tune of 200 tons per month-all without a single shred of evidence. It's a Christmas miracle! We also discuss the difficulties that apparently only I have in buying Christmas jpgts for women.

Then Dick predictably defends Sony for yielding to terrorists. Hint: it's Obama's fault for not installing anti-virus software. And finally, I point out the obnoxiousness of the phenomenon of "ugly Christmas sweater parties." It's a trendy, insincere, one-note joke that uncreative douchebags have glommed onto. So much so that the second result on Google is from people searching for "ugly Christmas sweater ideas." What ideas are there to be had? It's the same assembly of smug, ironic losers standing around swishing their red Solo cups, winking and nodding in self-satisfaction during their unintentionally ironic self-parodying party. And now they make this shit for dogs too, so your pet can also be in on your ironic cultural misstatement:

Here are the sources and research for this episode: FDA - No pets in dog food Note: Much to Dick's insistence to the contrary, the FDA tested 74 samples of dog food for the presence of cat and dog DNA. FDA - FDA does regulate pet food. FDA - Within FDA, the Center for Veterinary Medicine is responsible for the regulation of animal drugs, medicated feeds, food additives and feed ingredients, including pet foods. Dailytech - Here's a flashback to Sony's original DDoS debacle after screwing over their customers Here's GeoHot's "fuck you" to Sony:

The Register - Sony's bullying tactics to shut down Bleem! The Register - Sony employs illegal attacks to disrupt file sharing networks. RIP The Pirate Bay New York Times - Aaron Sorkin's Opinion piece about the Sony hack and yellow journalism.

Stay tuned for info about our live show. We'll be posting it early-to-mid January if you want to schedule a doctor's appointment to repair your kicked ass.