Bonus Episode 6

March 30, 2015, Maddox

Bonus 6 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Euthanasia 1494
Guns 497
Monkeys 575
Retirement Homes 280

Way back in Episode 22, I mentioned my vile hippy neighbor who sprayed water inside my car window. In this month's bonus episode, the saga continues-and this time, with audio! I brought in a recording of her assaulting the neighborhood with her megaphone of stupidity. Go vote up hippies. The hippy threat is still there and our roads still have pot holes that need to be filled. Why doesn't anyone other than me connect the dots?

Also, Dick finally tells us his story about how he and his "life coach" changed California gun laws (hint: go vote up slacktivists). And I discuss a humane alternative to breathing.

Finally, here are some sources mentioned:

The Biggest Problem int he Universe - Episode 22 Wikipedia - Euthanasia Telegraph - Nazis first euthanasia "patient" GlynnDevins - Retirement home listicle ABC News - Retirement homes can sometimes be awful, but the abuse numbers are conflated