Episode 74

October 13, 2015, Maddox

Pathogenic Bacteria 1458
Friend-Zone Opportunists 1439
Shitting Your Pants 1052

Well it finally happened. We finally told a story so gross that Sean almost threw up during this taping. We thought he was kidding at first until he pushed his mic away and started gagging. I was two adjectives away from having Sean ruin thousands of dollars of recording equipment with stomach bile. You're welcome!

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Here's the "jpgt" we received from Tom Lund from the C.U.N.T. foundation:

"Thanks" "a" "lot."

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Sources: CDC - Number of people who get foodborne illnesses in the US every year. New York Times - CDC finds 23,000 deaths per year from antibiotic resistant infections CDC - 2002 study of mortality by bacterial infections