Episode 72

September 29, 2015, Maddox

Episode 72 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Human Robots 1637
Man Buns 616

A man bun is a bun you don't want to eat, smell or touch. Mercifully, this trend in hairtrocity may be coming to an end. It turns out that man buns cause premature baldness. This week, Dick got sent a bunch of articles about how people with man buns are going bald, which put the fear into him and may spell an end to the bun.

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Also, literally the day we recorded this episode, I saw this car that obviously just got in an accident with a parking ticket on its windshield. This is what I was talking about with "human robots." The lacking of any judgment, empathy or reason. Just mindless application of rules:

We also got paid a very Boisterous visit from the year 3000. And here's the Lil' Bits clip we mentioned on the show:

Thumbnail courtesy of Eliazar Tatar Image attributions: Flickr - Gundam Flickr - Bun Flickr - Space

Asterios bits: "News Theme" licensed under Creative Commons from Ithaca Audio: http://www.ithacaaudio.com/2010/12/07/news-theme/

Sources: ABC7 - Popular hair style causes premature baldness. Time - Study finds bald guys look more manly and dominant. Wallstreet Journal - Baldness signals authority and leadership FoxLA - Dick on Trump