Episode 55

June 2, 2015, Maddox

Episode 55 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Pregnancy 1557
Tractors Pulling Out In Front Of You 1179
Speech Recognition 944
Pizza Snobs 715

We have a super-stuffed episode this week that's bursting at the seams with the amniotic fluid of comedy. Plus a certain DIGITAL CYBER DEMON stops by with an Internet report. Did you know those exist? Broaden your horizons.

Also, one of us is an armchair evolutionist (hint: see sources below to settle the debate). And here's that kickass artwork that we talked about at the start of this episode:

By: Jacob Mantia (some artwork may be NSFW)

Make sure to listen past the closing theme of this episode to hear the song sent in by David Ellerie and my favorite Asterios bit to date. Speaking of, here are the credits:

Hilarious thumbnail: Jack Tubbs

Asterios Bits: BED MUSIC: Cybersdf - https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/ Night on Bald Mountain - Mussorgsky SOUND EFFECTS: Thunder - SoundBible

Correction: The "Cock Wankerson" voicemail about cyclists was by John Costanzo, not David Ellerie.

Sources: Tufts.edu - Early Greek pizzas called "plakous" Berkeley.edu - MISCONCEPTION: Evolutionary theory implies that life evolved (and continues to evolve) randomly, or by chance.