Episode 52

May 12, 2015, Maddox

Episode 52 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Armchair Economists 940
Bicyclers -131

Our big 1 year anniversary episode! And my big announcement is finally here:

Click here or go to hell

This is our biggest episode yet and may be one of my favorite episodes. Easily in the top 52 of all time. Dick is so blinded by the butt-hurt he feels towards cyclists that he refuses to even call them "cyclists." Plus I'm so blinded by the butt-hurt from all you idiots that I demolished your stupid "broken window fallacy" that all you morons kept parroting in the comments last episode. More like broken-record fallacy.

Here's the hilarious song by @BandWagonBedlam:

And Bags of Sand by Christopher Strand

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And here are all the pictures from the Butt Sanchez package:

Special thanks to @Reverend_Scott and Andy McKee for the song at the end. Make sure to listen past the closing theme song.

Thumbnail credit: Jack Tubbs

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