Episode 51

May 5, 2015, Maddox

Episode 51 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Earthquakes 2184
Gossip 1406
Flowers 1029
Bachelor Parties 389

Ever heard of an industry so shitty that boycotting it would make things worse? Think about that next time you buy flowers for your mom. And speaking of, happy Mother's Day, suckers! And I didn't even get to mention this in the episode, but the simple act of buying your wife flowers will make her think you're cheating on her (source below).

Plus, a big announcement on my website...

Also, Dick brings in a problem that objectively deserves to be on this list. Just not higher than #11. We're one episode away from our milestone of 52! What a fun number, just rolls off the tongue.

Thumbnail: Diego Rivera, The Flower Carrier, 1935

Sources: US Leap - The depressing lives of flower workers Times of India - Buying flowers for your wife? Nice try, cheater. Psychology Today - To gossip or not to gossip? That is the stupid title.