Episode 47

April 7, 2015, Maddox

Episode 47 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock.

Losing Your Cell Phone 1787
"Wash Me" -952
Guardians of the Galaxy -2851

I gave everyone blue balls by hinting that I'd bring in Guardians of the Galaxy a few episodes ago. Well it has finally come. And by it, I mean you. I shit all over the movie in this episode. I didn't even get to all of my gripes due in part to Dick's inexplicable love for boring superheroes like Superman.

And here's the little dick that Dick found on his car. I wonder who drew this work of art?

Dick suggested that there was no other movie in which the good guy distracts the bad guy with dance, so I did some research. Here you go:

Stupid Austin Powers dance to destroy the "fembots:"

Lion King (thanks to listener Sayan Ban for pointing this out):

Uhura from Star Trek dancing to distract the bad guys:

Chris Tucker from Rush Hour basically only had a repertoire of dance moves (though technically this wasn't done to distract the bad guy since his car has already been exploded):

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