Episode 38

February 3, 2015, Maddox

Episode 38 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Ghostbusting the Patriarchy 2618
Type 2 Diabetes 2301
Black Income Disparity 1697
Automatic Hand Dryers 1111

If you haven't listened to these episodes past the outro, you're missing out-bro. we've been adding extra voicemail to the end of each episode. This time a fan, Tim Johns, sent in a "spicy erotic audio book" clip called "Changing the Sheets." It's an erotic adventure starring yours truly, Dick and a special Boisterous cameo.

Also, prepare to be bummed out with a real problem. You idiots got what you asked for. Dick has a great problem for wrong reasons (full disclosure: opinion just expressed is not necessarily that of Dick's), and I make a strong case for why automatic hand dryers are a bigger problem than diabetes. That is, unless you don't think going deaf and breathing gallons of bacteria into your lungs is a problem.

Sources: CNN - Black and White inequality stats CNN - The stat that made Sean do a double take Restroomdirect - Hand dryer noise levels Tork.com - Hand dryers increase bacteria-forming colonies on hands by up to 254% according to a University of Westminster study


Here is Tim Johns' erotic masterpiece "Changing The Sheets" without the commentary track.