Episode 34

January 6, 2015, Maddox

Episode 34 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Lesser Minds 2065
Detox Diets 1980
Hangovers 993

For our first regular episode of 2015, we cover diarrhea diets, otherwise known as "detox diets" like the "Master Cleanse" and "Fruit Flush," which is aptly named. Dick has a hangover, so business as usual. Also, I get more petty than normal by responding very thoroughly to a long-ass criticism of my debating style.

Here are some of the sources mentioned:

Bonus Episode 3 - The great wine test NBC News - Experts say there's little evidence that the Master Cleanse does anything non-diarrhea related. NPR - The body has its own detox system called your "liver" and "kidneys" Alternet - Some detox diets produce soap in your stomach Maddox - Side effects may include "gas with oily discharge"

And finally, this uncomfortably sexy fan art by @sword_and_ink.

Along with Maddox's response: "WHY AM I THE CHICK? THIS IS BULLSHIT!"

Thumbnail courtesy of: Jack Tubbs Image sources & attributions: Scanning room Neanderthal Window Doctor and computers Skull Brain