Episode 26

November 11, 2014, Maddox

Episode 26 Transcript courtesy of Laurie Foster

Diamonds 4067
People Who Don't Curb Their Dogs 2648
Fake Lawns 1494
Chaise Sofas -2013

Think you can multitask like Dick? Then you'd better plan on scraping a lot of dog shit off your shoes because people can't multitask. If you think you can, here's a multitasking game with an unfortunate techno soundtrack to test yourself, or take this multitasking test from the New York Times to prove how woefully inadequate you are at multitasking. I am the only exception to the rule as I wrote this paragraph, created the thumbnail for this post in Photoshop and passed the Battletoads Bike Stage with my toes all while simultaneously pleasuring a supermodel and grilling Korean pork spare ribs.

And as mentioned, here's the article titled, Diamonds Are Bullshit. And here's the very thorough and interesting article from The Atlantic that posits a simple question: Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

Finally, if you have 45 minutes to kill and want to get depressed, here's what your arbitrary diamond-fixation is costing: Blood Diamonds: The True Story [VIDEO]