Episode 15

August 26, 2014, Maddox

Episode 15 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Militarized Police 10321
Facebook Satire Tags 3564
Emoji 689
Spiderwoman's Ass -1362

Here's an article that discusses how Facebook's satire tag is damaging our ability to think critically.

Here's a frankly tedious history of emoji. It's not important to read and I don't recommend it due to boringness, but it's there nonetheless for people who are curious about how our language has started to devolve into hieroglyphs.

And here's the heinous article by an LAPD cop who acknowledges that corruption and police brutality exist, yet still doesn't want you to challenge him. The Onion did a brilliant piece about the pros and cons of militarizing our police [NOTE: THE PREVIOUS LINK IS SATIRE, WHICH MEANS THAT IT'S A HUMOROUS PIECE THAT POINTS OUT THE ABSURDITIES OF MILITARIZING THE POLICE USING SARCASM]

But most importantly, the real biggest problem this week: Spiderwoman's ass. Read all about the controversy in this weepy post at io9.