Bonus Episode 4

February 2, 2015, Maddox

Bonus 4 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock

Abortion 1104
Encrypting Everything 1217
Lesbians 879
Time Travel -358

In this episode, I make the case that lesbians have helped move the civil rights movement forward with lesbian porn as gateway to tolerance. Also, one of Dick's solutions gets shot down in a single word, which may be a record. Here's the webcomic I referred to in the episode (though I'm not sure the source is ""):

Also, I finally tell the story of how I inferred that my dad has never received a blow job. Plus, want to stop crime? Abort the fetus at the source. Abortion is the solution!

Here's the bingo card we mentioned from Episode 37, sent in by @CallDaCopsIDGAF if you want to play along at home. If you win, give yourself a compliment or post that you won below and someone else will compliment you:

And finally, here are some sources mentioned:

Pew Research Center - Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage -- Thanks to my lesbianism-as-a-gateway-to-tolerence theory Cosmopolitan - How men and women watch porn