Bonus Episode 17

April 4, 2016, Dick

Advertising -254
Homeless Housing 263
Online Tracking 227
Pragmatism 304

Wagers are made and reputations are put on the line on this episode of The Biggest Solution in the Universe. Shell out your $1.33 to see how much of it Maddox just lost. Also, Angelo's Mom is back to harangue me and this time she has a partner: Angelo's Dad!

Maddox brings in Homes for the Homeless. It's the novel idea that homelessness can be fixed by giving houses to homeless people. What's next? Giving food to the foodless? Activism to the Slacktivists? Genitals to the Female Genital Mutilateds? Despite my complaining, Maddox insists the program works in Utah, so if you're homeless and reading this on a jack off machine at your local library, get your ass to Utah. Here's the video Maddox talked about in this episode:

I bring in Online Trackers, specifically the Pizza Tracker. Soap and online pizza tracking is what makes the difference between civilization and total barbarism. Name something that cannot be tracked. I dare you. Then go vote it up as a solution.

Maddox brings in Pragmatism. Things like putting garbage in your freezer so it doesn't stink up your house; and carrying multiple wallets in case one gets stolen; and donating clothes to Goodwill instead of throwing them directly into the garbage. These are the hallmarks of a genius and also a pragmatist. Do you do something weird? Turns out you might just be a huge pragmatist. Go vote it up.

We finish the episode with Advertising and get a rare look at why Maddox doesn't want ads on his website. If you're interested in that kind of thing, and want to prove that advertising is indeed a problem, don't just vote it down, also purchase this ad-free bonus episode.

Start the countdown and call in with your worst impressions. The 100th episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe is just eight days away!

Sources: NPR - Utah reduced its homeless population by 91% - Why people are homeless. A bit outdated but still gets the basic facts right The Daily Show - The Daily Show segment on Homeless Housing and their "moochitoriums" Advertising Age - Ads, A History

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